An "Integrated Magnet Cold Shrink Dent Remover" is a tool used in automotive body repair to remove dents and deformations from sheet metal without damaging the paintwork. It is often used in the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) process, which is a body repair method that restores the shape of a metal surface without the need to repaint the repaired area. The cold swaging station typically consists of a powerful magnet integrated into a solid base, which is attached to the vehicle body. The magnet creates an attractive force on the surface of the sheet metal, enabling the repairer to gently pull on the dent using special tools designed for dent removal. This method enables the sheet to be straightened without damaging the surrounding paintwork, which may be necessary in the case of light to moderate dents caused by hail impacts, door knocks, or other types of damage. Cold swaging with integrated magnet is generally regarded as an effective, non-invasive method of repairing dents without damaging the paintwork, which can preserve the vehicle's original finish and avoid higher repair costs associated with paint and putty. It is often used by automotive repair professionals specializing in DSP, although proper training and experience are required to use it correctly and achieve quality results.

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