Magnetic Kit - Kit foruntrained beginner...
Magnetic Kit - Kit foruntrained beginner car-body builders

Magnetic Kit - Kit foruntrained beginner car-body builders

These rods are ideal for learning, it can be used by all; through the fixed magnetic tips and balls, the repair area will be located quickly. You will be able to straighten impacts without touch up paint in most cases.
All our rods or bars are sold without end cap.

This range includes:
Stainless steel extensions kit KXR9 - KXRL
1 light, strong board delivered with a cigarette-lighter cord 15ft X40LED
Interchangeable wing and roof rod XB15M - XB17M - XB18M
Interchangeable bonnet rod X19M
Indexable handdle XT360R
Box of 2 fixed and ball magnetic tips KXM
2 hanger X55H et x55sangle
1 Ausbeulhammer XMB46, 1 ultra resistant magnetised knock down XP450
And a big storage case XGMAL



15 PDR tools and accessories

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